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Judge Rhadamanthus
The Last of DusT.
General Tso's Alliance
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Senior Project Manager

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My goals for the CPM are simple, yet comprehensive:

I will bring into sharp focus for CCP the issues the community asks me to.
I will support DUST as a live game played and actively enjoyed by many.
I will, if requested, assist with CCPs new projects, but not at the expense of DUST.
I will not advocate for, or favour, any particular interest group.
I will end the deafening silence between CCP, the CPM and the community.

I play the game. I know the game. I love the Game

I want DUST players to feel actively involved and appreciated by CCP. The CPM must work to keep DUST running, to keep DUST enjoyable and to keep DUST growing. This is a focus I would push for on the CPM.

We as players need to focus the development of DUST on those areas that make DUST a better game now, but with an eye on the future. We need events (perhaps player driven), balance passes, and mechanics that encourage emergent gameplay. We need tools to help us make the game exciting and new.

We must not let the player numbers dwindle. New players must be looked after as much as the old. I would like to see CCP help us bring new players into the fold and keep them here.

To do these things the Players, the CPM and CCP must be willing to communicate their needs to each other. This is the core of the CPM and the base of this touches all other tasks it might work to complete. The CPM should be the tool that makes this happen and works to keep the channels open.


Experience in Dust

My life as a DUST player:
- I joined right at the start of Open Beta
- I specced into dropships as my starting role and it is my favored playstyle
but not even close to being the only role I play.
- I have specced over 50 million SP deeply into all of the roles and used every
weapon. Prototype swarms, Proto forges, Prototype heavies, Prototype assault
and commando. Combat rifles, scrambles, pistols I have held and fired every
weapon in the game.
- I took part in the initial land grab in PC with SI and have taken part on a regular
but not exhaustive basis in PC on an alternative character to my main through
the history of PC.
- I play several hours most days and I love the time I spend on the surface.

Real life experience

I have been a senior project manager for 20 years. I run teams of up to 50 developers and implementation staff to deliver software and real time systems for the financial and legal industry.

My job is to guarantee that the requirements from the users, the timescale, budget and quality of all tasks on a project are delivered.

It it my job to listen to what people want and make sure that it gets done.


What are the top three issues currently facing Dust 514 and why?

DUST is in it's sunset. We all have to accept that. But while it sets we are all sat here on the beach enjoying the light as it fades. Thousands of people play and enjoy DUST, so the CPM must fight to keep the game these players have supported available and enjoyable. CCP have to let the players know what level of support they can expect and to be open and honest with them about the games future.

CCP need to keep DUST development focused on the things that will benefit the players most. Time should not be wasted on fanciful ideas that may fall flat, we need to refine the existing mechanics. There are many issues that the community has expressed dissatisfaction with. Many great ideas and feedback out there. CCP need to tighten their delivery scope and speed and bring the best game to the feet of the people who have stuck with them through so much.

With no direction and no focus there will only remain a bad game. Dust risks it's players abandoning it if it does not look after them. It needs to act fast when real problems surface, apologise when mistakes are made and talk to us when we cry to be heard. If it does none of these things it may cease to be. I do not want that, and nor do you. We must make sure then that the developers see us as something to cherish and treat us well. We must foster a polite and transparent way to share with them and they with us.

Why will you be an effective CPM member?

I play the game. I know the game. I love the Game

When you look at my candidacy, look at my long and extensive history at delivering value to the community.

I set up the 1st Airborne in-game channel to gather and train new pilots and made it into the number one pilot channel. I realised how difficult dropships were to operate so made and published the go to video training series on learning to fly to improve the new player experience. I have made detailed proposals to improve Dropships and infantry gameplay, such as my transportation concept and my detailed video showing the rendering issues in build 1.4 . I helped the new CCP team at their request by comparing and compiling all the vehicle camera views from each build, I highlighted the balance issues with rail tanks, the severe imbalance issues effecting swarms, the issue with cloaks allowing weapons to be fired from cloaked, numerous videos highlighting bugs and much more. Go to my YouTube channel to see what I have done, and the efforts I have made.

YouTube :

I have already put countless hours into videos that contain all my reasoning and all the facts so the community can have the information they need to discuss game issues and respond to the developers. This is what I bring to the CPM. No matter the topic, I absolutely guarantee I will bring the same logic, reason and facts to bear on it. If you want to see how I work, then it is there for you to review, frame by frame. My ability to communicate, to reason is there for you to see, nothing hidden, no facts excluded; fully transparent. I have proven that I will make great efforts on the communities’ behalf.

The CPM needs mature and professional people. My job, for 20 years, has been to run teams of people, all different in needs and personalities, and guarantee to get them to work together and deliver quality on time and in budget. To talk with them and hear their needs and make sure this is expressed perfectly to other teams. The CPM would benefit greatly from this level of interaction and it is something I have proven I can do

In what way do you think the CPM can be improved?

Accountability, transparency and dialogue are the key issues. No elected body can claim to represent its electorate if its electorate is unaware of it's actions and unable to hold it accountable. It can also only fail if it does not dialogue with the players it represents. We need two way communication, in the open. We must have no closed doors, no hidden agendas and no single communication stream that only flows one way.

If a player wants to get in touch with you, the best way to contact you is:

email : is my prefered method. Other mediums can get full of messages that slip up the page and get lost. Every email can be dated, tracked and I can be held accountable to it. A skype channel with 300 people in it ceases to be a useful tool for tracking important needs.

I can also be reached in game in "1st Airborne" or "The Judge". There is also my YouTube channel : JudgeRhadamanthus.

What is your opinion on Project Legion?

I hope Legion is Green-lit. But I want the consoles to have access to such a great series of games too. DUST/Legion on the PS4 would be a gift. We have a long way to go though and right now DUST is here and its players need looking after. Their present is my focus but their future is in my sight.