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Argetlam Thorson
Capital Acquisitions LLC
General Tso's Alliance
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Christopher Bates
Missouri, USA

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Campaign statement

One of the biggest things I will be pushing for as CPM is to not only keep, but grow the biggest draws of Dust. Things like the sandbox experience and the Eve/Dust link are especially important, because they are what make Dust different than other shooters. These are the things that make Dust 514 have so much potential. I would also like to push for the NPE to be improved ASAP, because that has a big influence on new player retention. I want players to be drawn into this game, not quit 15 minutes after the Academy.

Experience in Dust

I have been an active Dust player for almost a year now and have been actively playing PC for the past 8 months or so. I do best with my HMG or Forge Gun, but I play all four classes and have learned the weaknesses and strengths of each. I have (at the very least) tried each and every weapon in the game, and use about half of them on a regular basis. I have a vehicle alt that I play from time to time, so I have a little experience with an ADS or tank, even if vehicles aren't usually my thing. I have also been a casual Eve player for a while now.

Real life experience

I am a student at an engineering university, studying for my BS in Aerospace Engineering. I have worked on a decent number of group projects before, for a variety of different things, college class projects among them.


What are the top three issues currently facing Dust 514 and why?

1. Lack of a large player base (stemming partially from a lack of a good NPE). This causes problems such there not being enough PC active corps as well as severely hurting the matchmaking system, making FW take forever to load and Pub matches ridiculously one sided way too often.
2. CCP's history of pendulum swinging the balance, leading to FotM fits. This just leads to everyone spamming one suit/weapon/etc, which is boring and not fun to play. I feel like Rattati is starting to fix this problem, but we'll see how it goes.
3. Last but not least, the NPE. When players graduate the Academy and are thrown to the wolves with little knowledge of an overwhelming game, it does not make them want to stay. If the NPE is improved, I forsee many more players staying and the playerbase growing.

Why will you be an effective CPM member?

I believe the most beneficial thing I bring to the table is that I am experienced with such a wide variety of suits and weapons. I know the advantages and disadvantages of the weapons and suit classes. I have Pro Heavy and Logi, and Adv Scout and Assault and I use them all. This puts me in a good spot to discuss infantry balance, because I've been on both sides of so many different scenarios. I bring this knowledge and experience with me.

I am also an active Planetary Conquest player. My corp has PC battles regularly, and I don't see this stopping anytime soon. This will give me up to date firsthand knowledge of what problems or issues are plaguing PC.

In what way do you think the CPM can be improved?

Transparency and communication are the main ways the CPM can be improved. The CPM (within the NDA) should be communicating the intentions of CCP and of themselves to the players as much as possible. I want to strive be in constant communication with the players, and my inbox will always be open for questions, comments, or concerns.

If a player wants to get in touch with you, the best way to contact you is:

The best way to reach me is to either email me at or send me a message in game. I check my email regularly and I am online often, so I will get back to you as soon as possible.

What is your opinion on Project Legion?

I have mixed feelings about Project Legion. If Project Legion becomes a reality, I'm sure it will be amazing. I will almost certainly play it. However, with Project Legion, CCP ignored that fact that the Dust players are a community of console gamers. This is a severe disappointment. Since it would mean the end of Dust, I don't know if I personally want it to become a reality or not, but if it does, I hope CCP has learned enough from Dust to make it great.