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Tesfa Alem
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Being a representatvie of the dust community for me isn't about having insane Skill points or KD, or running alliances, or being in postitions of influence within DUST 514. Its not about showing up with a preset agenda of changes to dust either. Its about actually being one of the people you want to represent, and listening to them, communicating with them. I believe I am that guy.The majority of players grind out isk, save up SP and have fun running in squads. If anything i would like to preserve that investment of time engergy and isk so that players can continue to enjoy dust 514 and kicking ass with thier friends. I don't know about any changes CCP may have in store. I can garuntee however:

To protect as best as I can your chosen playstyle.

The community will always be able to talk with me and the CPM about whats going on.

Hard work, dedication and a cynical approach.

An open mind about what you have to say. Positve OR Negative.

in short, I'm running because I love the game, and I believe we need people on the CPM1 who are on for the game's sake and not thier own.

Experience in Dust

My first character was a heavy in open beta, and i switched out to Tesfa at the begninning of Uprising. I started in the Unholy Legion, served as a director in DUST CORE and DBDA under the one and only Vala Prime and now i am currently in ACME special forces. Dabble in PCs a bit. And i sort of run, well, everything.

In short 26 million SP

Proto suit: Minnmatar Logi

Advanced Suits: Gallente scout, Caldari/Ammar Logis Cladari/Ammar/ Minmatar basic suits i run as assaults, Minmatar/ Ammar basic heavy

Standard suits: Gallente basic frame, Caldari/Ammar/Minmatar light frame, Caldari/Gallente heavy, Ammar sentinel, Minmatar commando

Light weapons, sidearms (except the bolt pistol and flaylock) and forge guns are all advanced. Proto HMG Combat rifle, Assault rifle and Sniper rifle.

Vehicles: Incubus Lvl 2, Python lvl 1, yet i mostly fly all of the gallente dropships. i have points in Madrugars, Gunlogis, and LAVS Turrets are all advanced except the large missile turret.

equpiment: Proto repper, proto hives, adv uplinks, adv scans, basi cloak.

That's me, the jack of all trades.

Real life experience


What are the top three issues currently facing Dust 514 and why?

Matchmaking: It is still incredibly one sided at times.

Assault suit balances/Improvement: Currently the assault suit is a generec class. I am not in favor of nerfing other suits to help out the assaults, but to imporve the suits where they can be in a good place.

Retaining Players: Big competition coming up for dust. Destiny will have alot of heads turned. I would like to look into where dust could improve in keeping players coming back, logging in, and keeping Dust alive.

Why will you be an effective CPM member?

I am prepared to listen to the player base, I can work with people to get things done whether or not we get on well to chieve a common goal. Being professional in other words. Because i'm not running for the CPM because of the social aspect, just for the love of the game. I am open to accept that i may be the one wrong, and i am also cynical enough not to accept things simply at face value.

In what way do you think the CPM can be improved?

Communication with the wider community. I can't stress this enough.

If a player wants to get in touch with you, the best way to contact you is:

I prefer the forums. You can also message me on skype at Tesfa514.

What is your opinion on Project Legion?

The Dust514 Intellectual Property had to move on at some point, off of the PS3 and catering to CCPs PC roots was a natural step for the company. I am glad that the IP will live on, and i look forward to Legion being the game that Dust couldn't. However, its announcment was handled very poorly dealing a massive blow to dust players. Legion also needs to be ported to the PS4 as soon as possible.