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Zion Shad
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Robert Detrick
Bakersfield CA
Website Owner

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As your Representative-

ArrowTo me Communication is Key and I would like to start with making sure we have regularly held Town Hall meets and in-game discussions. I also want to open as many avenues of communication to the community with the CPM1 and CCP through things such as Blogs, forum posts, Videos/streams and Podcasts. And should you ever like to get a hold of me, you can reach me @ZionShad on Twitter, ZionShad on Skype and

AttentionI also believe in the community and will strive to make sure those who are active in community work are given proper support, promotions and tools they need to be players working for players.

ArrowWith the future I want to keep a close eye on the Skill Progression changes that are taking place with CCP Z and apply these 3 Principals that not only Fox Gaden posted but that I do agree with which are:

- The progression system needs to be non linear (logarithmic), so that new players can become competitive against veterans fairly quickly

- Every skill point invested should provide a tangible benefit.

- No max number of skill points

I have sat at the round tables to discuss these changes and would like to carry on with the process to make sure we get what we want.

I'd also like to see CCP shows us more then just "Look a Burning Tree" in whats to come and involve us in the details of the title. Also that they grant all Dust Merc's Beta access to Legion

And I want player transfers to be taken care of on the players timing. CCP should never have a set date/time frame (while Dust is running) of transfer with a Head-Shot attached to force you in to another game. You should change on your own accord should you choose.

I will be at EVE Vegas to poke CCP and meet players as well

ArrowWith the present I want DUST514 to be FUN within the remainder of the PS3. I want to push the limitation of the "Current game Mechanics" and share them with you so that we can craft events and game play to what we want. I also want to make sure we are given regular released patches and events for DUST514 or hold CCP accountable if we are left behind. Lets face it 1.8 was rushed and not tested while they switched focus on to Legion. Lets change that moving forward.

With no player trading on the table, I want Dust514 players to have the ability to liquidate any assets they choose by selling it back to the NPC Market for ISK. We have **** will never use and we want it sold for something.

And in closing I want to see PC to no longer be a ISK printing machine, but to be a place where we can once again put our skills to the test. So in this I want to meet with you and know exactly what you want.

Any questions, comments or topics you want to know, don't wait for the Beep, just post below

I'm ZionShad. A guy who wants to be your CPM1 representative

Experience in Dust

Summery of Experiences for DUST 514 Player Community Work:

Forum contributor Since May of 2012
Closed Beta team organizer (May 2012 to the opening on DUST 514 Corps)
Corp CEO (From Opening of Dust Corps to Dec 2013. Will carry on in 2014)
EVE/Dust Podcast contributor on Podside since Nov 2012
DUST Blogger
DUST 514 Player Consultant
Dust Twitch Streamer at
DUST/EVE Gallente FW Ops Organizer
DUST 514 Corp Consultant for varies corps in game
DUST 514 Market expert and Multi BPO Owner
20 mill + Skill Points in Game
Giver of Community Awards deemed by CCP Cmdr Wang
Frequent Feedback Contributor for DUST 514 Community Team
CCP event attendee for Fan meet at E3 2013, EVE Vegas 2013 and plans for Fanfest 2014
Has visited with more DUST514 and EVE Online Corps then anyother player

Real life experience

I’m a self-taught gaming community organizer enthusiast and LLC Website Owner who as been gaming since 1983 (first games Pac-Man & Galaga). I have been expanding my learning experiences with organizing guilds, groups, teams, clans, corps and community’s for 14 years. My first clan/team leadership role started back with the launch of Playstation2 first online game Socom U.S. Navy Seals. My first full community/Beta experience was with EverQuest Online for the PS2.

My experiences with FPS/Tactical Shooters extend further from those of my online team organizing by starting in the early 90’s with titles such as Doom, Wolfenstein 3d and has been carrying on through:

Rainbow six (PC/PS1)
Quake(PC & further on N64)
Marathon (PC)
Mech Warrior (PC &PS1)
Medal of Honor(PS1)
StarWars:Dark Forces (PC)
Hexen (PC & N64)
Duke Nukem 3D (PC & N64)
Team Fortress (PC)
Golden Eye (N64)
Turok (N64)
Unreal Tournament (PC & Further on Xbox)
Counter Strike (PC)
Tribes(PS2 & PC)
Halo (Xbox & PC-on)
Deus Ex (PC-on)
Mech Assault (Xbox -on)
Red Faction (PS2 –on)
KillZone (PS2-on)
Battlefield (PC, PS2-on)
Call of Duty (PC, PS1-on)
**This is not a complete list, but a highlight of more notable titles I have been a part of.

Experiences with titles such as Mech Assault 2 help me predict the broken mechanic for DUST 514 FW from Closed beta to Open Beta.

Community Work Experience

Outside of Gaming:

Self-promoting Stand-up comedian (2005- 2009)
Multi-Band Promoter (2006-2010)
Morning Show Producer/talent (Radio 2006-2009)
Podcaster (2009 to current)
Public Event Organizer (2005 to Current)
Still hold Multi-ties in entertainment and promotions

Inside Online Gaming:

Beta Experience in-

Socom US Navy Seals Franchise (through PS2)
EverQuest Online Adventures (PS2)
Auto Modalisa (PS2)
Battlefield 2 (Xbox)
Gears of War 2 (Xbox)
KillZone2-3 (PS3)
Uncharted 2 (PS3)
Assassin 2-3 (PS3)
Defiance (PS3)
League of Legends (PC)
DUST 514 (PS3)
Infinite Crisis (PC)
Merc Elite (PC)

Gaming Team and Community Experience:

Paintball Team Organizer (2002-2008)

Local Gaming Tourney Organizer for a local Game store (2007 to current)

Player-ran Team and Tourney Organizer for the Socom franchise (2000-2005)

Player Guild and Community organizer for EverQuest (2003-2005)

Player Team Organizer for titles such as:

Call of Duty
Delta force: Blackhawk Down
Mech Assault2
FarCry 2
Steel Battalion Online
Armor Core
DUST 514
League of Legends

Club Owner in PSN Home

Gaming Community LLC Owner (6 months)


What are the top three issues currently facing Dust 514 and why?

1st: Longevity. The why is that I care about this game and want to see it last. At Fanfest I was quick to point out to everyone that Dust would have an expiration date. I want to do my best to make sure this date never sees light of day or at worst it is a long way coming.

2nd: Support for the community- The "why" here is that there are many who create great content in and around this game and feel that CCP does not support them as much as they would like or not at all. These are groups and individuals who support and promote this game out of pure passion of it and out of their own pockets. Also with 2 CM's that have came & gone and the uncertainty of events the community needs more reassurance that their voice is heard and that content is being delivered to them.

3rd: No player market: With no player trading on the table, players have no ability to liquidate any assets and they just become worthless clutter

Why will you be an effective CPM member?

What can be one of the most important attributes about me that almost none of the other candidates have had was the ability to speak with members of CCP on a regular bases(ISW is the exception being a CPM member currently) on Skype and in person. This has given me both experience and time to build relations with key members of the dev team. This will also help in the trust of feedback the CPM1 team brings to the table.

I have a long history in gaming and community/event organizing

Experience in team building and motivating

I also have experience in entertainment which has allowed me to produce podcasts that focus both on the EVE and Dust514 universe and is something I will be putting to good use as a member of CPM1.

other attributes can be found here

In what way do you think the CPM can be improved?

Having not been a member of CPM0 I can only go off the knowledge of what I've seen in the ways they interact with the public. More transparence would be the 1st and foremost on my list in that the community feels like the CPM does nothing on their behalf because the CPM is not allowed to speak, share or brag on any accomplishments. There needs to be a way to communicate the work efforts better now that Legion has been reviled

Being more team based. CPM0 felt more like a group of individuals and each member was viewed as an individual and part of this was due to the interaction each member had with one another and with the community. CPM1 needs to be a team and be presented as such

If a player wants to get in touch with you, the best way to contact you is:

E-mail is great and mine is easy. You can find me at or if you like to follow me I am @ZionShad on Twitter

What is your opinion on Project Legion?

I love the concept. On my show Podside (on iTunes) you can go to past episodes before fanfest and hear me talk about Dust514 needing a rebranding and a switch in platforms. I believe this new title is on a great starting platform and from what I have got to see and hear from the Dev to come is everything we here at Dust have been waiting for.